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Introducing the BZ10 Buffer and Impedance Controller



Ingram Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of the BZ10 Buffer and Impedance Controller to the 500-Series product line. The BZ10 started out as piece of test equipment at the Ingram Engineering lab, and was used during development of our mic preamps and equalizers.


It was primarily used to buffer and split the output of one preamp channel so that it could be auditioned on stereo speakers as we tweaked and finalized circuit tuning. We also used it extensively to evaluate the interaction of various microphone types with the preamp input. Though time, the BZ10 proved extremely valuable for these and for general studio applications such as direct box, re-amping, and isolation-box ground isolation applications. As such, we decided to formalize it as a product and make it generally available for the adventurous studio owner or circuit developer.


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