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Designed and built by musicians. Made in the USA.

Eric interviewed by Will
Will from Sound on Sound magazine interviews Eric Ingram.

Ingram Engineering specializes in the design and production of the highest quality and most versatile studio tools available. Classic circuit design topologies and techniques are used as a basis for original designs and feature sets that provide great sound and unparalleled consistency under all usage conditions.

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Ingram Engineering Introduction Video

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My lifelong passion for writing and playing original music fed into my interest in creating original gear and once people started using these products regularly, it made sense to build Ingram Engineering around that.

Eric Ingram

Products for the modern studio

From the MPA685 Preamp:

"This is the kind of preamplifier I want to see more of in our world. It does what it's supposed to do and it doesn't add much else to the sound. ...built with care... to last several lifetimes." - Scott Dorsey, Recording Magazine

And the MPA575 Channel Strip:

“I loved using the MPA575. It's an incredibly adaptable piece of equipment that works well in practically any recording situation.” - Russ Long

To the EQ52 Equalizer:

“I had great success using the EQ52 as a stereo mastering touch up tool.” - Barry Rudolph, Recording Engineer/Producer

Discrete Op Amp Module

Mic Pre-Amp and Mid-Stage Gain Block

  • Industry Standard Discrete Module Footprint
  • Proprietary Discrete Design
  • Designed to Add Subtle Color
  • Gentle Transition to Compression at High Levels
  • JFET Input
  • Extremely Low Noise

500-Series Equalizer

Mastering Quality Filter Module

  • Low Cut Filter
  • See-Saw Filter
  • High Cut Filter
  • Extremely Wide Adjustment Range Low and High Cut Filters
  • Variable See-Saw Filter Pivot Frequency
  • High Headroom
  • Low Distortion
  • Balanced I / O
  • Unity Gain
  • Hardwire Bypass

500-Series Microphone Pre-amplifier, Compressor and Equalizer

A complete and cost effective mic signal processor

  • Mic Pre-amp
  • Compressor
  • Equalizer
  • All the beautiful sound shaping capabilities of the rack mount line squeezed into a 500-series chassis
  • Program dependent compressor with side chain EQ
  • Combined Low-High frequency equalizer for broad frequency response shaping
  • Variable frequency low cut filter
  • Transformer coupling and two-stage gain provided by natural sounding JFET amplifiers
  • Variable mic input impedance with ultra wide frequency range for shaping tones
  • Very high headroom
mpa 575

500-Series Buffer and Impedance Controller

Two Channel Buffer

  • Input Impedance: 1.5 MΩ
  • Output Impedance Selectable: 50, 150 or 600 Ω
  • Selectable Channel Mode
    • True Left/Right Stereo
    • L/R Summed to Mono
    • Left Split to Both Outputs
  • Stereo Output Level Control
  • Transformer Coupled Inputs and Outputs
  • 1/4” Balanced Input and Output on Front Panel
  • Left Channel Input and Output Also Accessible Via 500-Rack XLR on Back Panel

Microphone Pre-amplifier, Direct Box and Re-amplifier

The most versatile studio tool available in a single chassis

  • Direct Box
  • Re-amplifer
  • The MPA685 combines the best features of the MPA681 and the MPA201
  • Variable mic input impedance with ultra wide range for shaping tones
  • Transformer coupling and JFET amplifiers with excellent sound and the best transient response
  • Very high headroom
  • Extremely tight gain matching between channels for stereo mic or make-up gain applications
  • Two-stage gain structure
mpa 685

Microphone Pre-amplifier and Direct Box

  • Mic Pre-amp and Direct Box integrated in a single chassis
  • Variable mic input impedance geared to the low impedance range
  • Extremely tight gain matching between channels for stereo mic or make-up gain applications
  • Transformer coupling and JFET amplifiers with excellent sound quality
  • Currently out of production, but the excellent features and sound quality of the MPA681 have been included in the MPA685
mpa 681
Davis Causey with MPA681 at Last House Studio

Microphone Preamplifier

  • The legendary high voltage discrete design that started it all
  • Currently out of production but still producing great sounds in studios everyday
Bakos with MPA201
Jeff Bakos with MPA201 at Bakos Amp Works

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